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In societies all over the world, people who have been convicted of murder always undergo the harshest form of punishment. Unlike other forms of crimes that involve a victim’s death, murder is treated most severely because the perpetrator willfully determines and enacts the death of another human being. Under the federal law, 18 U.S.C. § 1111, a conviction of murder can result in the most extreme form of punishment, whether that means being imprisoned for the rest of your life or facing death row.

Time is of the essence if you have been accused of committing murder. You must immediately get in touch with our devoted murder attorney in Statesboro, GA so that our team can begin formulating a strategy. The Hart Law Group is ready to defend you with zeal and dedication.

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Defenses for Murder in Georgia

If you have been charged with an accusation of committing a murder in the state of Georgia, it can feel like your world is crashing down around you. However, there is still hope when our dedicated attorney is ready to defend you with a number of successful strategies.

Some of the most powerful forms of defense against a murder charge include cases where the event occurred as:

  • A defense of other people – If you rationally believed that someone was going to be killed or seriously injured due to the actions of the alleged victim, and your defense of the person resulted in the perpetrator dying, this would not be a true case of murder.
  • An enactment of one’s duty – In many scenarios, officers of the law or in the military may be forced to kill someone as they carry out their duties. It must be proven this action was not done in the spirit of malice or vindictiveness the way intentional murder would be committed.
  • A tragic accident – Sometimes there are regrettable circumstances where a person is killed by mistake, perhaps because the two parties did not see each other, or there were unexpected circumstances which suddenly arose. If there is no intent, there can be no murder.
  • A case of self-defense – If the other party used force or threatened force so that you clearly expected traumatic injury or death, using force as a form of self-defense is reasonable. The force must be demonstrated to have been proportional to the harm or threatened harm that your attacker was using against you.

Being Proactive for Your Case

Unlike manslaughter, which may be accidental or performed in the heat of aggravated passion, murder requires malicious planning beforehand. Too often, however, prosecutors attempt to force evidence that there was pre-formulated intent, when in reality a tragic event was the result of an accident. Alternatively, there have been many cases where the defendant was a victim of mistaken identity, and simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter the circumstance, you can count on our murder lawyer in Statesboro, GA to powerfully support you.

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