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Malone Hart

Malone Hart

Malone Hart is originally from Uvalda, GA. In 2012, he received his B.A. in broadcasting in electronic media from Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA. He later went on to obtain his Juris Doctorate in 2015 from Mercer University in Macon, GA. Later, Malone started working at Hamilton & Maddox, LLC, in Vidalia, GA. Within his first year of practice, he was promoted to partner at his firm. Before opening his solo practice, Malone formed the firm Cliett & Hart, which had offices in both Metter and Statesboro.

Malone comes from a long line of successful attorneys. For the last 100 years, his family has represented clients in Statesboro, Metter, Vidalia, and the surrounding areas. Tales from the Altamaha is a play out of Lyons, GA dedicated to the works of  T. Ross Sharpe, Malone's great-grandfather.


Michael Cauley

Michael Cauley was born and raised in Laurens County and has lived in Dudley for much of his life. Michael graduated from West Laurens High School, then attended the University of Georgia where he earned his bachelor’s degree in German. Michael also holds a bachelor’s in Spanish and a Master’s in Teaching from Georgia College and State University, as well as a Specialist in Education degree from Auburn University. After working as a Spanish teacher for several years, Michael began law school at Faulkner University School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama in 2013. Michael finished his last year of law school at Mercer University, graduating cum laude in May of 2018. Michael speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys spending time with his son Gabriel and daughter Margaret. Mr. Cauley is also an avid outdoorsman and musician and is active in his home church, Dudley United Methodist, where he sings in the choir.




Criminal Defense

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In societies all over the world, people who have been convicted of murder always undergo the harshest form of punishment. Unlike other forms of crimes that involve a victim’s death, murder is treated most severely because the perpetrator willfully determines and enacts the death of another human being. Under the federal law, 18 U.S.C. § 1111, a conviction of murder can result in the most extreme form of punishment, whether that means being imprisoned for the rest of your life or facing death row.

Time is of the essence if you have been accused of committing murder. You must immediately get in touch with our devoted murder attorney so that our team can begin formulating a strategy. The Hart Law Group is ready to defend you with zeal and dedication.

Violent Crimes



Being charged with a felony can be a frightening experience. If convicted, you could face serious consequences, including long prison sentences, steep fines, and loss of your civil rights. If you have been charged with a felony, it is important to seek the help of an experienced felony defense attorney from the Hart Law Group as soon as possible. A felony conviction can negatively impact your life in a number of ways, so you need to take swift action to protect your rights and your future.

Under Georgia drug possession laws, controlled substances are divided into five “schedules” or categories. This classification system ranks certain controlled substances according to their potential for abuse and addiction, as well as whether they have an accepted form of medical usage. Schedule I drugs are considered the most dangerous substances and include drugs such as heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. Schedule V drugs have the lowest potential for abuse and addiction and have a standard medical usage.

Apart from the possession of marijuana, all drug possession crimes are charged as felonies in the state of Georgia. The specific penalties are determined by what schedule the drug falls under, as well as the quantity of the substance involved. Also, those who are facing a second or subsequent conviction can expect to face harsher punishments.

Being charged with drug possession is a serious matter that often leads to severe consequences. However, when those charges involve intent to sell, the alleged offender is subject to even harsher penalties. If you are facing such charges, our Statesboro, GA intent to sell lawyer can help you fight your charges and preserve your freedom. Attorney Malone Hart has successfully handled thousands of cases and knows what it takes to win.

Drug Crimes


In the state of Georgia, misdemeanor cases are dealt with very seriously, even though they are less extensive in nature than felonies. Despite the relatively less severe consequences, the long-term effects can last your entire life. For “small” charges against supposed shoplifting or DUIs, unfortunate defendants often discover that the negative impacts affect them in countless ways, costing them their jobs, their reputation, their ability to get housing, and even their time spent with their family.

Assault and Battery

If you have been charged with committing a physical crime or altercation, you are likely being accused of either a case of battery or a case of aggravated battery. Depending on the exact circumstances, you might be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor at the very least. The primary distinction is that simple battery charges are usually made when the plaintiff has sustained a large portion of physical harm, while aggravated charges are generally made if the plaintiff has lost a body part, has been highly disfigured, or is no longer capable of using a part or the entirety of their body.

There is no time to waste when you have been charged with this serious crime. Get in touch with our assault and battery lawyer in Statesboro as quickly as possible so that the Hart Law Group can defend your rights.

DUI Defense

Driving under the influence is a crime, no matter where you are. If you’ve been accused of operating a vehicle while inebriated, you will need a skilled and experienced DUI attorney to represent you in court. At Hart Law Group, we’ll ensure you get the representation you need when you’re in front of the judge. With his extensive background working in some of the best firms in the region, Malone Hart has gained a wide range of skills suitable for clients facing DUI charges.

We understand the legal system associated with DUI law, and our only goal is to help you get the best outcome possible for your case. Whether that means your case is dismissed, you get a lesser sentence, or you save money, we’ll do everything we can to aid you. When you hire a Statesboro DUI defense attorney from Hart Law Group, you get professional skill, knowledge, and representation to help you avoid those consequences.

Personal Injury

In a successful negligence case, the plaintiff must show that each of the following elements was present:

  • a duty of care owed by the defendant to the plaintiff;

  • a breach of that duty;

  • a causal connection between the defendant's conduct and the resulting harm;

  • proximate cause, which relates to whether the harm was foreseeable;

  • damages resulting from the defendant's conduct.

One of the most common foundations for a personal injury lawsuit is negligence. Negligence laws require individuals to conduct themselves in a way that conforms to certain standards of conduct. If a person doesn't conform to that standard, they can be held liable for harm they cause to another person or property.

Some common examples of personal injury cases that involve an argument of negligence include:

  • Car accidents

  • Construction accidents

  • Medical malpractice

  • Pedestrian accidents

  • Slip and falls

  • Truck accidents

Workers Compensation

Consequences of not having workers’ compensation insurance can lead to civil and criminal penalties, depending on the case specifics:

  • The employer remains responsible for covering medical expenses and benefits of an injured worker, even without the required insurance.

  • In such instances, a 10 percent penalty may be imposed along with additional costs for negligence.

  • Criminal consequences include fines up to $10,000 and a potential jail sentence of up to one year for noncompliance with Georgia's workers’ compensation insurance regulations.

Domestic Law

Domestic violence encompasses a broader scope than commonly perceived. "Georgia's Family Violence Act aims to safeguard individuals who face abuse from current or former spouses, parents of the same child, parents and children, stepparents and stepchildren, foster parents and foster children, or other individuals residing together or previously lived in the same household." Domestic violence issues are unfortunately prevalent in society. The Hart Law Group takes these cases very seriously and acts swiftly to protect you.


To initiate a divorce, you need to file with the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where you or your spouse have resided for at least six months. Begin by submitting a complaint or petition for divorce, outlining the legal grounds for the divorce and the matters you want the court to address.

  • Divorces are categorized as contested or uncontested.

  • In uncontested divorces, both parties agree on aspects like child custody, asset division, and alimony.

  • In contested divorces, disagreements require resolution in court.

Hart Law Group is here to support you through your divorce process, ensuring you don't have to navigate it alone.

Custody/Child Support

In most instances, the court prioritizes the child's best interests when determining custody. Factors such as past caregiving and future caregiving capabilities of each parent are taken into account. It is essential to bring evidence to court demonstrating your ability to provide the best care for your child. The Hart Law Group specializes in navigating the sensitive and challenging matters of custody and child support with expertise and commitment.


Shaunda H.

I just wanted to vouch for Hart Malone as being a “man of God” before anything! A lawyer who is very knowledgeable of the law. Wrongfully accused and falsely arrested my son was..Hired Hart and he went to work! Tactful, punctual, stern, aggressive and consistent! He fought to prove my son’s innocence! A three day jury trial with only thirty minutes of deliberations.. returned a NOT GUILTY verdict, giving my son his life back! Hey.. I could go on and and on but you get the picture! Im just so thankful for God placing Mr. Malone Hart in our path!!!! If your in need of a lawyer to fight for you!?! Then Hart Malone will do that and more! My son and I are “forever in depth” to Hart Law Group! May God continued to bless him, his family and his law firm!

Catina D.

From my first conversation with Mr Hart I knew he was honest and compassionate and was an individual I trusted with my son’s case. Every visit with the firm was warm and welcoming and with what I was facing as a parent I needed this. Mr Hart worked diligently to provided immaculate work on my son’s case. I am proud to say Mr Hart saved my son’s life who was facing a life sentence in prison for a crime in which he easily proved in trial had no evidence. We owe him our lives. His respect and integrity for his clients is what makes me recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Mr Hart we will never forget you.
Shaunda Hunter and family

Joe S.

I would recommend Mr. Hart to anyone who wants a lawyer to actually work for them and not feel like you’re gambling with your money on having a good lawyer or not. Mr. Hart I feel went over the top for me and met all my expectations. He never told me or promised me anything he couldn’t deliver. I could tell he felt how frustrated I was with the case and he wanted to do his best to make sure I came out with a win. I ended up settling with a deal but Mr. Hart was ready to take the case as far as I wanted without question. 10/10 recommend!

Scott S.

Getting yourself in a situation that requires the services of a lawyer can be stressful ordeal. Do yourself a favor and give Malone Hart an opportunity to take the burden off your shoulders. He was professional, attentive to my concerns, an absolute bulldog in the negotiations and best of all he made my family feel comfortable. I never once got the feeling that I was being taken advantage of or uneasy. Worth every penny and more. I would highly recommend Malone to anyone who isn’t sure what steps to take. He will take care of you!

Ziemba C.

Mr. Hart thank you for your help in helping me in every way with my case. You truly went above and beyond and didn't have to. I needed your help through some pretty troubling times. you're definitely a bulldog in the courtroom, and you do not just take no for an answer. Sometimes I felt like you were in the hot seat instead of me because you were so passionate. I am sincerely appreciative in the fact that you were concerned about my sobriety helped, and you also reached out for rehabs I am now successfully and currently sober. I also now have time with my daughter because of you. I am not a felon because of you, I don't have a record because of you. God has made you a good man and has blessed you to do great things, and you choose to take that opportunity to do good things. I pray God looks after you and yours abundantly each and every day. I found somebody that trulyhas great values and is a man of God. Mr. Hart pushes and strives to do the right thing for people I sincerely appreciate it thank you so much.

Jacqueline M.

Mr. Hart has advocated for me as he would his own family. He always communicates with me about my case and has always made time to answer my questions or concerns. His services are well worth his fees and a drive out of town!!
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